In bookstores now!

From New York to L.A. is now available in bookstores, V&D and de Bijenkorf in Holland.

Want to know more? Dutchies can listen to the interview Dree did about the book at Business News Radio, or read the synopsis on the publisher’s site. Ready to make that smart move?
Order your copy (currently only available in Dutch, but working on it!) at


Their humorous and dead-on observations and exciting and painful experiences give the reader a great insight in what living in these two metropolises is really all about.
- Esta Magazine, January 2008

In From New York to L.A. Dree Andrea and Griselda Molemans, two European residents of New York City and L.A, enthusiastically set out on a world tour in their own cities. They discover the hidden secrets that anyone who refuses to look beyond the cliche’s about America will forever miss out on.

It’s not all fun and games but the trials and tribulations they encounter whilst searching for places to live, making new friends, discovering the latest fashion trends and examining the meaning of life, are certainly valuable education. Always looking beyond the obvious they discover many precious pearls in the Ocean of Big City Madness.
The culture shocks that they face on a daily basis stress them out just as much as they make them laugh. At the beginning of their journey they may have thought cultural clashes were exclusive to Europe and America - they now know better. The biggest cultural gaps are found within the USA whilst traveling from New York to L.A. and from Harlem to Hollywood.
Andrea and Molemans do take themselves seriously - but often with quite a few grains of salt. Their Dutch ‘down-to-earth-approach’ is undoubtedly the tool in their survival kit that makes exploring the good and bad in the concrete jungle that is American consumerism a fun trip.
At the end of each chapter in the book the readers can find special tips and information that will help them become ‘insiders’ on their future travels to New York and L.A.

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Wow! That’s what you were doing: writing books! Good for you! Now I understand why you didn’t write here! ;-)

I thought it had been quiet for quite a while. But now I understand! I’m curious about the release of your book!

@ Goentah and Pascal,
So nice to be welcomed back immediately, thanks!
I felt bad that I had to ‘put my blog on the backburner’ because ‘time-wise’ life is just a little too challenging in New York City these days.
I’m still working on the book too. It’ll be published by Artemis in November, in Dutch. Just in time for Sinterklaas, haha! Of course I’ll provide all the necessary links when they are available - can’t wait to hear what you guys think.
Have a very happy Summer!

You make me very curious i have my opinions too about living in America. Some people think it is similar then living in Amsterdam, NOT!
Keep us posted.

Aha! Finally! Good luck with your book!

Is it already there? ;-)

Coming to a the Dutch bookstore near you in November! More details on my site soon!

In the meantime.. still waiting for the details!!

It has arrived! So just run to de Bijenkorf, V&D, de boekhandel, or do that modern online thing: order at BOL or AKO (at your convenience - find the links right here on top of the page).
So I’m leaving the details up to you guys now…if you have read it, let me know what you think? If you can spare the time, write a little review?
Thanks a million and to a Very Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Dree!
I will look in my bookstore as soon as possible.

Groovy, Ireen, can not wait to hear what you think!

Happy New Year and congratulations with your book. I’m so curious what is will look like and ethe the whole content. Have to wait till my birthday (March) I’m afraid so my family in old country can send a copy.
Good job!

Thank you for this intriguing look behind the scenes in a country that I have never visited myself. I really enjoyed the in-depth descriptions of your adventures on the other side of the Ocean: exciting, humorous, not always without danger (‘Oh dear’, I sometimes thought), energetic and for me first and foremost: informative. Your writing keeps one glued to the page! You use beautiful, sometimes matter-of-factly and often very funny sentences describing the most unusual things that I would otherwise never know about. You didn’t just go to New York, you’re living it. Or maybe I should say: you seem to always be on the lookout for and open to the endless discoveries that obviously are to be made there.

PROFICIAT Dree! I wish you lots of success and hope you’ll make the bestseller list. You deserve it!

Hee Dree…Dre here! ;)
Just found your site, fun to read. I’m curious about your book because I live at the end destination and am going to make a trip from West (LA) to East (New York or Boston) next summer. Can I order your book through If so, I’ll have my next guests bring me a copy! Happy New Year,
Dre uit LA (well, more like OC, to be precise!)

Yes, Dre, you can - or @ Links on my homepage. Happy New Year to you too!

Hee! stuff to read!!! congratulations with the release of your book!

Hey Dree! What a great book! I’m reading it and I’m really enjoying it. It is so much fun to recognize so many things – I’m reading it visiting my daughter here in Brooklyn – for only one more day! So I’ll finish it in Amsterdam!
Gerda (BB’s mom)

Hallo mevrouw Dree Andrea,
Zojuist heb ik From New York To L.A. uitgelezen en ik vind het echt een heel leuk boek, er worden aspecten van de amerikaanse cultuur belicht waar ik zelf nooit eerder over na had gedacht. Quite eye-opening moet ik zeggen. Ik ga de eerstvolgende zomervakantie richting the States en dit boek is naar mijn mening een perfecte voorbereiding voor wat mij daar te wachten staat. Bedankt voor dit leesplezier!

Hartelijke groeten,

Julia Broekhuizen

Jij bedankt, Julia, dat je de moeite hebt genomen me dit via deze weg te laten weten! En heel veel plezier en avontuur in de States gewenst deze zomer!

I loved reading you’re book, it is very informative, has a lot of humor en the dutch down-to-earth. Once you start reading you have to go on. I’m going to New York in six weeks with my sister and brother in law (who are also going to LA in the summer)and can’t wait to go now. I hope there will be an other book of you and Griselda, so keep on writing.

Hallo Dree!
Ik ben op het moment bezig in From New York to L.A. en ik ben er helemaal wild van! Ik loop in boekenwinkels altijd automatisch door naar Reisboeken- sectie New York en ik denk dat ik inmiddels zoveel over die stad gelezen heb dat ik er blind de weg kan vinden, maar jouw kijk op de New Yorkers en de stad zelf vind ik helemaal geweldig! Het hele ‘Ik ga naar New York en ga daar documentaires maken en gewoon doen wat ik leuk vind’-idee maakt me enorm jaloers. Nu maar hopen dat het niet tegenvalt als ik er ooit kom!
Ik heb het boek nog nieteens uit en ik vind het al een topper!
Groeten van Anne-Wil

Merci Anne-Wil en Ilse, dat geeft inspiratie om vooral door te blijven schrijven!
Groetjes, Dree

It was so great to meet you this weekend, Dree! I really enjoyed our chats. You are a wise and phenomenal woman! I look forward to reading more of your blog over time . . .

Hoi Dree!
Ik heb net het boek uit. Ik ben nog maar 17, maar heb een enorme obsessie voor Amerika. Het was ook zó geweldig om het boek te lezen, omdat de vergelijking dan duidelijker wordt vanwege de Nederlandse kijk. Ik wil je dus - dit klinkt zo raar - heel erg bedanken voor het schrijven van het boek want het heeft me veel plezier en inzicht opgeleverd! Ik heb echt genoten! :)
Groetjes Anne

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tnx for info….

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