About Dree Andrea

Dree Andrea is a writer, illustrator and an international award-winning filmmaker. Born in Amsterdam, she has always been fascinated by New York and is happy to spend a lot of her time there these days.

Dree is a Reiki and Energy Medicine practitioner (graduate of Alberto Villoldo’s Healing the Light Body School) and a vegan chef (graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute for Food and Health). She is currently continuing her education at IAC.

Dree is also a ceramic artist who likes to fire up the kiln and bake the stuff one eats off.

Dree wrote, directed and produced many films, theatre plays, childrens radio plays, TV shows, corporate films and commercials. Her films are shown in international film festivals and are broadcast on television. Among her work as a film director are three feature length documentaries inspired by life in New York City: the award-winning documentary The Tunnel (1994), about a group of homeless people living in an Amtrak train tunnel; the award-winning All Visitors Must Be Announced (1997), about doormen who also serve as shrinks and lovers; and Mr. Right (2005), a bittersweet tale of singles in search of sanity and a soul mate in New York City, currently being shown in New York theatres.