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I love waking up to the comments on my blog. Only recently they’ve started to arrive in Dutch. My New York friends, who like reading your ‘Dutch take on things’ are a little thrown. So I’ve taken the liberty to translate your treasured comments into English. No offense to you, dear Dutch bloggers - and hopefully non taken?!

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Ok now then this is English obviously, who is going to translate it in Dutch?
Just kidding ya know.

@ Blips; you’re cute! The Dutchies have to pride themselves once again in being ‘the world travellers’ - open to speak a different language, even in blogland!

if you don’t mind that there will be a lot of faults in my englisch, i’ll try to comment in english

Don’t mind at all! Sounds good to me - thanks, Smara Ratih!

I’ll try it in English also, feel free to change any mistakes I’m bound to make! ;-)

That’s cute Ireen, will do!

I’ll give it also a try… but please correct me when I make mistakes…?

Will do so - thanks for being so willing all of you!

I like practicing my English, so no problem! :-)

Ofcourse, English is fine too :) Just figured that you’d maybe like to hear a little mother-tongue from time to time ;)

@ Merel; I sure do! But I also love the fact that two cultures find out about, are surprised, and discuss each other’s cultures (theme of my documentary films). It’ll be a while before my English friends graduate from their Dutch language courses, so that’s where this came from….thanks Dutchies, for being so co-operative!

Do you mind if I add your blog to my link-list? I enjoy reading you!

Dutch is a difficult language to speak, write and read for foreigners, so I’m told… So, of course, Dree, translate away!

@ Goentah; Not at all - I see that as a (big!) compliment - please do add!!
@ Puur Kaat; thanks, I will translate away!
@ All - I have very limited access to a computer this month - but will be back full force soon!
Cheers, Dree

Ha! I’m commenting on several english blogs of dutch persons, and sometimes I just HAVE to say it in english. You know, things like ’spreekwoorden’ (don’t even know the word for that in english…)
But on all the other occasions, english is fine :) I love that language!

@ Rose; if you only knew how many times I really wish there was a good translation for one of our Dutch ’sayings’…And then there are moments where I wish I knew how to translate an English one like ‘my way or the highway’ well…..

Of couse it’s okay.

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Dree, time to start posting again! ;-)

You’re so right, Ireen! Total stand still due to busy work travels with very limited internet access!! Please stand by - coming soon to a blog near you!

Okay! I will wait, I know it’s worth it.

Thanks, Ireen! That’s an inspiring compliment!

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thank you!!…

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