To Bounce or not To Bounce

Every November the subject comes up. Like clockwork. Next year he’s gonna do it again. And I should really consider it too. The New York City Marathon.

The subject of running touches a sore spot in me. I tried it once twenty years ago and it was a disaster. So I developed a great speech for those who suggest it to me (and there have been many over the years). Since he won’t leave the subject alone, the boyfriend gets treated to this annual speech.

“Running is not for women!” it goes. “Anyone can see that. Look at them, huffing and puffing away. All that bouncing. Just watching I feel the pain. Early on in life my dad explained that breasts are basically there for the visual pleasure of the male species. Maybe to occasionally feed babies, as an exception to that rule. Besides, you’re always telling me to be more feminine. Working up a sweat is a manly thing. How about the strain on the knees? That can’t be right. I need my knees. I cycle. I swim. I do a yoga sun salute every morning. Do you want me to injure myself and rule all that out for the rest of my life!”
”Case closed I guess”, the boyfriend sighs. “Boy, you’re something. I need a run.”

This December I started to feel like I was not really getting air. Like my heart had decided to take a nap. Riding my bike I still felt like a couch potato and when I was swimming I moved like a mermaid caught in seaweed. I felt only half alive. At the most. My oversoul was packing its bags and refusing to reveal its holiday destination. “Do something!!”, the part of my brain that wanted to wire my physique so it could reconnect again, shouted out.

The fact that our ancestors got a little lazy about using their brains set us back. Shaman workshops inspired me to research this, and I can actually provide some scientific back-up for that limited brain use too. So when my brain hinted that it wanted to push itself to the next level - beyond this rustiness - I felt blessed! I owe it to that electric spark to support my brain any way I can. So I started running. And it’s blowing my mind.

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The jump from you running through Central Park to that guru’s transpersonal bridges in your link was too big for me to fathom. Tell me about the nibbling squirrels!

Well, I asked them if they were into running. They said they were not. They like to swim, but only on their backs. So they can keep their nuts dry.
Something really sad happened to the one on the left. He just found out his girlfriend is cheating on him. Some charming man had climbed in a tree acting like a nut, and she fell for it.

If you start bouncing around and go nuts nobody will know what is going to happen next.
As long as you have fun it is ok. :)


Running is not my thing…..I’m afraid I’m a lazy person. So I admire that you’re doing it.

You’re totally nuts! And I mean that as a compliment;-) How are the knees doing?

Hate to admit it Ireen, but it looks like the boyfriend knows his stuff. Had to let him be the know-it-all-macho-educator. Getting the shoes was a ‘big deal’. Lots of stretching. But credit where credit is due; so far so good with the knees. Knock on wood (guess a nut in the park today will do). Thanks for asking!

Thanks for visiting my blog so I could find yours. Best of luck with the running. It’s an awesome feeling to take on a new challenge.

ya a female makes the guy run around

I’m proud of you! I really can’t run (I mean fysically), so I’m even more proud if someone else CAN!

Heya Dree,

my body was made for running. Was, untill my knees couldn’t take no more. Be careful with hard undergrounds. The right shoes are important indeed.
Now my knees are better again and I’m sure one day I’ll pick it up again. Nothing beats the feeling of being able to run. On the other hand, I’m not troubled by any bouncing. I guess the right bra is important as well.


@ Xixarro; Totally agree - nothing beats running! Still going strong (3 weeks into it). Keeping an eye out for any complaints from ‘the knee department’ - if so, will take those serious!

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