Journey into the Unknown

I believe in everything and I believe in nothing.
I just can’t believe the time it took to figure that one out.

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Of course there is an ocean out there!

But plasma ships? And extraterrestrial deep underwater crafts? And dolphins from outer space, experiencing vibrational holograms that take them to fourth and fifth-dimensional worlds? And UFO’s hovering above earth, sharing their spiritual alignment with the Creator-Source with new age folks? And celestial intelligence?….

Pew! I’d rather put my bet on that pink martini!

Thanks for stopping by! Hoezo digibeet? Je bent een multitalent zie ik! En je weblog ziet er fantastisch uit.
Love, Ireen (”big city” Amsterdam)

Dank je, Ireen! Dat geeft de burgerin moed!

Wonderfully said! Kan ik me zelf ook geheel in vinden … Mijn nieuwe blogadres is trouwens:

Hi Dree
Yes still having fun here.How about you guys, how’s film business?
I’m disappointed in webvideo, mostly compression problems. Dang.
Have a good one.

Ik wens jou ook een geweldig 2007! Leuke site heb je. Hier kom ik nog wel es terug.

Happy New Year! Modern is overrated, as is the internet. They are only little bits of the sea.

Hi Dree,
Nice site, great vibe.
Stay yourself in 2007, so beautiful…
xxx T

Hi Dree
Your site is a hoot! (ye olde English vernacular). I have obeyed orders and posted! I have just helped my 30-something Swedish friend move in to her tiny little studio (basically a room with a loo) in London - $100,000 salary here doesn’t buy you much in this city - and am looking forward to observing her exploration of the UFO life (Unattached Foreigner Out’nabout). Being tall and blonde, she’ll find aliens aplenty on the Tube and buses wanting to experiment on her I’m sure.

Like your blog! Enjoy this beautiful start of a beautiful year, U2!

Dearest Dree
I love your site. This is a great blog you have set up. You are always so
inpirational to me with how many areas you can turn your hand to.
Sending love

Nothing is for sure and even that is not.

Wat leuk dat je bij mij langskwam.
Het ziet er hier prachtig uit, ik kom graag vaker bij je op “visite”.

Ah! Ik zie hier een creatief persoon. Daar houd ik wel van :)

Wat een fraaie tekeningen! Dat vrolijkt deze januari-ochtend op!

Dear old friends and ‘visitors’; new (blog) friends to be,
Thanks so much for all the encouraging words. It so helps drive a girl to keep persueing her creative and spiritual urges in a world that often demands too much practical behaviour (for my liking anyway).
Here’s to 2007! Here’s to YOU!!

Wat een prachtige site en wat ben je veelzijdig. jammer dat je zo ver weg zit, ik zou je wel als foodcoach willen huren!! (ben ook bezig de suiker uit mijn dieet te schrappen). En je aardewerk is letterlijk om van te smullen! Groet uit Amsterdam

:D nice one

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