Mr. Right is back in town!

‘The search for sanity and a soulmate in New York City’ - that is what my next film will be about. I just knew that instantly, some weird moment whilst walking down 10th Avenue around 26th Street about six years ago.
Little did I know at the time that the phrase would become pretty much a description of my own life story, living and working in New York and Amsterdam, travelling back and forth many times, during the five years that it took me to finish Mr.Right. Find more details about the journey of making the film in Abigail’s interview with me.

One lucky day, Ali from MAKOR saw the film and decided to programme it. After all the hardship that a filmmaker does encounter, a New York premiere is such a thrill! And now, after previous sold out performances, Mr. Right is ‘back by popular demand’ at MAKOR tomorrow night. That is a great feeling. The previous screenings and the Q & A’s after, really spoke to people. Passionate discussions sprouted.

This time around I actually have a blog, so I am hoping everyone who sees the film and reads this, will leave a comment. Did the film hit home? Did you find sanity and/or a soulmate in this city? I would love to hear from you!

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It was really nice seeing Mr. Right last night! It was also good to notice that a film on loneliness in New York can cause some big laughs here and there.
I’d really love to see all three docs you made on New York City in one night. It sounds like a perfect trilogy. Any plans for that?

Thanks for coming, Casper! I’m working on it - will keep you posted on when there’s a trilogy screening!!

Hey Dree,

Congratulations - the film was wonderful. Well done!

It was funny, touching, thoughtful; the “characters” were interesting. I love documentary, the not-perfectly scripted lives we lead. Their stories came off real. The clips of their friends and families talking about them, and with them, were great. The pace, moving in and out from speedy-NYC to close-ups of individual life, which is not just that. When you get close enough, you can see where time runs slower and deeper for each of us.

Also, it was not-kitchy or condescendingly lumping all women together as a one-liner, which has to be said when it comes to a topic like Mr. Right - Much of what is out there is a re-hashing of the same one point of view. Here, I got to experience three women, not a statement of how things are for all women when it comes to seeking a relationship. Good stories. And a sense of it being just three stories and at a certain time in their lives. A glimpse. Everyone’s story is different and valuable. I didn’t walk away with the idea that I had seen it all now, not about them, and not about women or relationships.


Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

Hello Dree:
I am a fan of all your films and I am so glad to see Mr. Right receiving the attention it deserves. The movie connects with so many because there are so many who need to connect!
In particular, it’s an interesting study of women,their emotional needs and how they differ from those of men. What would be cool to see is if women from different cultures also go through the same journey. Ultimately, the film works because it forces each of us to realize that the search for the “right” partner really begins with the search for ourselves.

I totally loved this film. It was strong. It was sad. And it was funny! I think what makes NY women powerful as we are is this energy “to laugh at any situation,” as you portraited in the film. It is the REAL people. I appreciate your eyes with affection and love towards these women. LOVED THE FILM.

This documentary mirrors a Big Challenge for living in the Big Apple, and on this Planet, nowadays. By watching the search for a soulmate, you begin to discover ‘yourself’. Questions as ‘What’s Love’, ‘How can I love myself respectfully, before I start searching for the love outside’ are playing with you after watching.

Your talent is huge. And so is your modesty. You were able to trail me with a camera for six months and I never felt like I was doing anything more than sharing aspects of my life with a friend. When I saw the film, I was blown away by the portrait of many beautiful, smart, busy, interesting people living their lives - together and separate, single in the search for what will create personal happiness. We all have our own journey and finding a Mr. Right is just a piece of it.

A hard hitting insight of female yuppie life in New York City in skin close filming. I greatly admire your capability of confidence building with your subjects that makes it possible for us to watch monumental vulnerability behind the smoke screen of success.

Amazing really… How You Perfectly Illuminates 3 women’s lives…

We watch as they drown themselves in a “Cacophony of Self Indulgence” that they themselves are oblivious to.

Their pursuit of “Seemingly Rational” “Power and Success” can be only obscured by the “Obsessive Compulsiveness” of that very pursuit.

These women wonder why? Their checklists of the “perfect man” are never actualized, or more importantly “Sustained”… as they flurry between Manhattan and Excursions to the Hamptons.

The “Success Baby” of Fulfillment that they never had, is thrown out in the bathwater..

The Viewer is treated to the camera’s flawless insights, exposing the sometimes shallow, sometimes “intellectually unabashed” attitude these woman possess… as they go down a lonely road with an uncertain end.

When a man is looked upon as “The Perfect Accessory” like a handbag or a belt, it’s no wonder the success rate is the same or worse, than some mindless male, openly searching for his “Trophy Wife”

Watching this film we are reminded that Giving, Not “Success” is the Real Power.

And that “The Rules of Partnership”,
Whether now or 5000 years ago, seem to say, that when it comes to “Self” too much of it, often leaves that “Emotional Well” Quite Chalky and Dry.

The film is truly masterful. In addition to getting to the heart off your subjects — a real feat of interviewing — and selecting just the right clips to build their stories, I was totally charmed by the editing, the music, the pacing, the energy. You have an amazingly unique style which I hope will soon be recognized far and wide. I can’t say enough about how impressed we were. Amy

MR, RIGHT takes place in New York but it’s filmed in such a fresh way, with such warmth and insight, that it would be irresistable to anyone at any address. I can understand why it keeps playing by popular demand–audiences demand to see accurate, non-demeaning portraits of themselves and the people they love. You may not know these people yet–but you will love them and understand them, as Dree does.

This is a fun, sensitive and true to life film. I think that all singles in New York (especially women) can relate to some part of the women’s experiences. I learned some interesting things about the way men think too! Thanks as always, Dree for your sensivity insight and brilliance!

An amazing film that tells the story of trying to find love in the big city. The stories are laid out in a way to communicate the impact that environment(people & places) has on individuals seeking their soul mate. This film is a must see for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of love in the fast lane of city living.

Beautiful work, Dree. You certainly are a wonderful film maker!! “Mr. Right” is a wonderfully honest and poignant portrait of the struggle so many of us in our mid 30’s to mid 40’s have encountered in trying to find a loving partner amid today’s fast paced world. It is a simple portrait of how caring, smart, serious, attractive and engaged people living in New York City struggle with the basic act of finding a long lasting intimate relationship. From blind dates to speed dating to accidental encounters to past relationships, Mr. Right focuses on three main women, what they want, what their family and friends want for them, and what they do to seek out companionship. It is told with humanity and sheds light on many of the problems both men and women encounter without a tinge of bitterness. It is a real, human and accessible reflection of how alienated men and women have become from each other today all the while how close we are in our shared experience.

I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving…

Happy New Year, Dree and Dree fans! Isn’t she awesome? Take a look at my asymmetrical earrings. Thanks and blessings!

Wauw! After all the hardship of getting the film out there (a big problem for any documentary filmaker these days) it’s so good to see the film is finding its way and ‘doing its thing’.
Thanks for coming everyone, thanks for the feedback, and please keep spreading the word!!
For those of you who got too curious to wait for the next screening - please visit my little STORE here (see top of the page) and get yourself a copy of Mr.Right.

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