The Road Trip

I remember my dad pointing at the doorknob in my grandfather’s house when I was six years old.
“There’s something about the universe you must understand”, he said. “It is very big. This doorknob is what we are in relationship to it. Basically everything you and I know and do is happening in that tiny knob – where we live, it’s that small.”
I think I got that.

I sat on the top of a mountain and I swear I saw a spaceship. It made my head spin. I went on my way but being that dizzy I fell off a rock. I twisted my ankle and I heard a voice. “The fact that we’re out there does not mean you should be too preoccupied with that. We had to come and remind you that you can ask us for help when you need to. You seemed to have forgotten. We’re throwing you back on the earth now.”
I got that.

I love that they’re out there doing their thing.
Not everybody gets it.

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I’ve never seen a UFO that I know of. My wife has. But, I do believe there are aliens out there. In particular I hope that Sylvia Browne is right with her prediction that they are going to make themselves known in the next 10 years or so, basically come out of the alien closet. It will shake up so many beliefs that aren’t helping us as a society. Besides, they have some awesome technology. 🙂

I’ll add your blog to my blogroll and slowly catch up. 🙂

I know – I’m actually looking forward to that (shaking up the beliefs).
Glad to be ‘blogfriends’ (I’m adding you to mine – thanks for the visit)!


Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold…



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