The Delivery

A girl should always look her best. You never know when and where your Prince Charming is going to show up.

“Morning! Coffee for you?” asks the Starbucks barista. I have to give it to him. He’s a handsome dude alright.
“No, tea please”, my friend Suzy, who has come from LA to visit me, answers whilst demanding his undivided attention. She has her ways. And that’s okay. This has been our dynamic since we were teenagers. She’s excused.
“What kind of tea?” The barista is affected by her charms. What man is ever not?
“Green tea. Non of that herbal stuff that you guys carry. I’m trying to cut down on the coffee. But I need the caffiene to wake up. So herbal’s no option.”
“I get it. Hot?”
“No, I’ll have it cold. Looks like it’s gonna be a hot day today.” Suzy removes a layer of her clothes to illustrate her statement. Clumsy but oh so charming, almost knocking over a counter display with Barry White CD’s. Bearing a lot of flesh.
“I think you’re right on the money there. Pretty humid too. Tall?”
“No, a grande. Or let me have a venti…why not, right?!
“Why not indeed. Whipped cream with that?”
“No, thanks – I need to fit in a bikini in two weeks. Going to the Hamptons with this guy I met. I have no idea if it’s gonna go anywhere….”
” Sounds exciting. Let me know if it doesn’t work out.” The barista winks at Suzy. “Infusion today?”
“No infusion. You know what, let’s make that a frappucino actually.”
“So we’re talking a tall iced skimmed green tea frappuccino - hold the whip.”
“Hold the whip?!! Isn’t it a little early for that kind of talk?”
At this point it is like I have vaporised. I no longer exist. This is between Suzy and the Starbucks Hunk. He seems completely oblivious of the huge line that has formed. Maybe there are just a few too many choices at Starbucks, I think to myself. This way no matter how many branches they open, it’ll never be a real quick fix.
“No, seriously”, Suzy smiles at her object of desire, “that sounds about right.”
“Anything to eat with that?”
“Do you still carry those low fat sugarless double mocha chocolate brownies?”
“No, but we just got in this new all natural rasberry almond muffin. Checked it out myself this morning. I highly recommand that,” the barista says passionately.
“But that has sugar, right?” Suzy frowns.
“I guess so.” De barista smiles. “I know, the bikini.”
“ Right.”
“So that’ll be it then.” I can see that he is dreading Suzy’s departure. And lost for the words that are needed to prolongue their present encounter. There had to be a very strict policy that prohibited Starbucks employees from asking out their customers. Either that, or he was married. Suzy, fortunately for him, always had a creative solution ready when it came to men.
“No, wait a minute, let me just grab a bottle of water.” She picked up some water and a bottled ice tea.
“Or what do you think, maybe ice tea?”
“A much better choice.” The barista hunk no longer looks cheerful. “Looks like you’re all set. Your total is $ 8.49. Care to donate to the Starbucks Coffee Drive this morning?”
I can see how the poor guy had to ask, but boy, did that take the romance out of it. For me that is. Obviously not for Suzy, who is frantically searching her bag. For a businesscard?
“Not today thanks. Hold on, it looks like I forgot my Starbucks Card. That’s a problem. I never carry any cash. Let me go get some at the ATM. Where’s the closest ATM around here?”
“There’s a CHASE two blocks away,” the barista volenteers - obviously already eagerly awaiting Suzy’s return. Then suddenly, she remembers. I’m there with her! She turns to me.
“Dree! You don’t happen to have…” I order a Zen tea and pay for our drinks. Suzy throws her long blond hair over her shoulder.
“Have a great day!” she coos.
We walk towards the subway.
“When it comes to relationships”, Suzy says, “Starbucks really is the place to be. There’s nothing like a potential lover ordering a venti soy light vanilla double expresso over ice without a hint of hesitation. You just know you found yourself a real man.”
“It’s great therapy for those of us who can’t make decissions too”, I say, thinking of the three men Suzy is currently dating. Where else can you go and make at least four major decissions before you even start your day?”
“You’re so right”, Suzy says. “Therapy, eye candy to flirt with and a caffiene fix - all for under five bucks. Who ever said living in New York is expensive?”

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Hi its Tru from Zaadz. Lovely little comic you have here. I think the illustrations are very cute. ;)

Its interesting to find out that you do film work as well. I will be checking back.

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